Indoor Lighting System Installation

“Lighting System Installation and Maintenance” is a book published by Electronic Industry Press in 2018. The author is Jin Guozhen. This book is written according to the training objectives and professional characteristics of vocational schools. The combination of theory and practice, the cultivation of innovation and practical ability. The content is a professional teaching material for vocational schools to carry out geology and implement teaching choices.

Book Title – Lighting System Installation and Maintenance
Author – Jin Guodi
Publisher – Electronic Industry Press

Brief Introduction

The contents of this book mainly include: walking into the school training site, basic operation skills of electricians, selection of lighting distribution boxes, indoor lighting circuit installation and wiring, indoor lighting design and construction, outdoor lighting design and construction, construction site safety and prevention, etc. 7 chapters . This book is written according to the training objectives of vocational schools and combined with professional characteristics. It combines theory with practice, focusing on the cultivation of innovation and practical ability. Training materials and self-study books for junior and intermediate skilled workers. For the convenience of teachers’ teaching, this book also comes with an electronic teaching reference package.

Book Catalog

  • Project 1: Walk into the school training site
  • Task 1: A training environment for professional teaching
  • Task 2: Training Requirements and Management Mode:
  1. Student Training Requirements
  2. School “7S” management mode
  • Task 3 requirements for electrical practitioners:
[Expanding Knowledge]
Extension 1: Changes in electric light sources
Extension 2: A dazzling array of lamps
Extension 3: A Look at the Student Skills Competition
[Practice Card]——Course Knowledge Exchange
[unit summary]
  • Project 2 Basic Electrician Skills
  • Task 1: Read the lighting electrical diagram:
  1. The role and characteristics of electrical diagrams
  2. Identify electrical graphic symbols
  3. Lighting construction drawing reading principle
  4. Example of lighting construction drawing reading:
  • 【Example 1】Identification of lighting system diagram
  • [Example 2] Reading the electrical system diagram of a lighting project
  • 【Example 3】Recognition of the electrical floor plan of the second-floor unit of the house
  • 【Example 4】Identification of the electrical plan of the lighting circuit of the standard unit of three rooms and one hall
  • 【Example 5】Recognition of lighting construction drawings of residential buildings
  • Task 2 General Operating Skills for Electricians:
  1. Wired Connection Tool
  2. Selection of Commonly Used Wires
    1. Types and uses of commonly used wires
    2. Safe current carrying of conductors
    3. Wire quality identification
  3. Wiring Tips
    1. Wire insulation
    2. Wire connection
  4. Insulation Restoration Skill
    1. The choice of insulating tape
    2. Recovery of wire insulation
    3. Wire termination
  • Task 3: Selection of pipes and relays:
  1. Choice of Plastic Conduit
    1. Types of plastic conduit
    2. Plastic conduit fittings
    3. Plastic conduit processing
  2. Selection of plastic trunking
    1. Types of plastic trunking
    2. Plastic trunking accessories
    3. Processing of plastic trunking
    【Expand your knowledge】
  • Extension 1: Introduction to other common tools
  • Extension 2: Use of Stamping Auxiliary Workpieces
  • Extension 3: Plastic Products for Line Installation
  • [Exercise card] – laying of plastic pipes in the living room
  • 【Unit Summary】
  • [Self-Test]
  • Project 3 Choose Lighting Distribution box
  • Task 1: Select the electrical components in the box:
  1. Low Voltage Distribution Box
    1. Types and classifications of distribution boxes
    2. Introduction to common distribution boxes
  2. Choice of electrical appliances
    1. Single-phase electric energy (degree) meter selection
    2. Fuse selection
    3. Selection of rails
    4. Choosing of circuit breakers
    5. Selection of leakage protectors
  • Task 2 Common fault symptoms and troubleshooting:
  1. Distribution box (cabinet) fault diagnosis method
  2. Common symptoms and solutions
【Expand your knowledge and abilities】
  • Extension 1: Introduction to the New Electric Energy Meter
  • Extension 2: The difference between lighting distribution box and distribution box
  • Extension 3: Introduction to Combination Switch Box
  • 【Practice card】-distribution box (board) installation
  • 【Unit Summary】
  • [Self-Test]
  • Project 4 Indoor Lighting Line Installation
  • Task 1: Install common electrical components:
  1. Three Links of Lighting Circuits
  2. Installing lighting electrical components
    1. Switch installation and example
    2. Light head installation and example
    3. Socket installation and example
  • Task 2 Typical Control Wiring:
  1. One switch controls one light
  2. Two single switches control two lights respectively
  3. Two dual switches control one light at the same time
  4. Application of corridor energy-saving control device
  5. Other forms of control wiring methods
  • Task 3 Install the basic lighting circuit:
  1. Indoor lights and their options
    1. The role of indoor lighting
    2. Types of interior lighting
    3. Indoor Lighting Requirements
  2. Installing incandescent lamps
    1. Install the wall light
    2. Install Ceiling Lights
    3. Install the pendant light
  3. Installing fluorescent lights
    1. Fluorescent Tubes and Accessories
    2. Fluorescent Lamp Assembly
  • Task 4 Lamp Circuit Failure and Solutions:
  1. Incandescent lamp circuit faults and solutions
    1. Incandescent lamp line fault tracing diagram
    2. Common faults and analysis of incandescent lamps
    3. Incandescent lamp common fault quick check table
  2. Fluorescent lamp wiring faults and solutions
    1. Fluorescent lamp wiring fault tracing diagram
    2. Common failures and analysis of fluorescent lamps
    3. Quick Checklist for Common Fluorescent Lamp Failures
  3. LED light circuit failure and solutions
【Expand your knowledge and abilities】
  • Extension 1: Electroscope and Common Instruments
  • Extended 2: Introduction to 4-Lead Ballasts
  • Extension 3: LED lights and their self-made introduction
  • 【【Exercise card】——Installation of typical control circuit
  • 【Unit Summary】
  • [Self-Test]
  • Project 5 Interior Lighting Design and Construction
  • Task 1 Interior Lighting Design:
  1. The Purpose and Principles of Lighting Design
    1. The purpose of lighting design
    2. Lighting Design Principles
  2. Lighting characteristics and influencing factors
    1. Home Lighting Features and Applications
    2. Main factors affecting lighting
  3. Lighting design requirements and steps
    1. Lighting Design Requirements
    2. Lighting Design Steps
  4. Lighting Design Examples and Views
    1. Interior Lighting Design Example
    2. Home lighting design viewing
  • Task 2 Interior Lighting Construction:
  1. Lighting line construction requirements
  2. Light line construction process
  3. Lighting line laying method
    1. Outdoor laying of indoor lighting lines
    2. Indoor lighting lines are darkened
【Expand your knowledge and abilities】
  • Extension 1: Lighting Standards for Civil Buildings in my country
  • Extension 2: Lighting Design and Viewing in Special Places
  • Extension 3: Indoor Electric Lighting Construction Case
  • [Practice Card] – Laying Lighting Lines
  • 【Unit Summary】
  • [Self-Test]
  • Project 6 Public Lighting Design and Construction
  • Task 1 Public Lighting Circuit Design:
  1. Lighting Design Elements
  2. Location of lighting lines
    1. Lighting line survey?
    2. Determination of transmission pole position
    3. Selection of pole type
  3. Determine the design
  • Task 2 Public Lighting Line Construction:
  1. Line construction requirements
  2. Ordinary line erection form
    1. Low voltage overhead line
    2. Low voltage buried wire
  3. Line Inspection and Maintenance
    1. Overhead line inspection and maintenance
    2. Faults and treatment of buried lines
  4. Line construction case
【Expand your knowledge and abilities】
  • Extension 1: Introduction to Common Climbing Tools
  • Extension 2: Buried wire fault detection?
  • Extension 3: Introduction to Public Lighting Lamps
  • Extension 4: Ground Zero-Crossing Protection Device
  • 【Practice Card】——Overhaul of Public Lighting System
  • 【Unit Summary】
  • [Self-Test]
  • Project 7 Construction Site Safety and Prevention
  • Task 1 Safety Signs and Protective Equipment:
  1. Combination of safety signs
  2. Types of security flags
  3. Safety equipment and facilities
  • Task 2 On-site construction accident and rescue:
  1. Electrical Incident and Rescue
    1. Shock and Rescue
    2. Fire Accidents and Handling
  2. Fall Accidents and Rescue
    1. Causes of fall accidents
    2. Anti-fall measures
    3. Fall scene rescue tips
【Expand your knowledge and abilities】
  • Extension 1: Dial 119 and 120
  • Extension 2: Comments on electrical accident cases
  • Extension 3: Fall Accident Case Review
  • 【Practice Card】-on-site accident rescue drill
  • 【Unit Summary】
  • [Self-Test]

About the Author

In 1968, he joined Hangzhou Hongxing Middle School to teach physics.In 1979, it was renamed Hangzhou Vocational School, and later renamed Hangzhou Zhongce School. During this time he taught programs such as “Electrical Fundamentals”, “Electrical Technology”, “Maintenance Electrician” and “Household Appliances”.In 1993, he was named a senior teacher of vocational education, and in 2000, he was named a senior middle school teacher.He used to be the editorial board of the National Secondary Vocational Education Electronic Information Textbook, the editorial board of the electronic information technology textbook for higher vocational colleges, a member of the Zhejiang Refrigeration Association, a member of the Zhejiang Vocational Skills Appraisal Committee, a Hangzhou Vocational Skill Appraiser, and a member of the Zhejiang Distinguished Teachers Association; Vice President of Vocational and Technical Education Branch of China Electronics Education Society, People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House, Deputy Director of the Editorial Board of Zhejiang University Secondary Vocational School Mechanical and Electrical Professional Basic Course and Practical Training Series Textbooks, Guest Professor of National Secondary Vocational Teacher Training Base, Zhejiang Tianhuang Technology Industry Co., Ltd The company’s special consultant, responsible for the development of school-enterprise cooperation teaching materials, cooperates with a number of publishing houses (Electronic Industry Press, People’s Posts and Telecommunications Press, Railway Press, Machinery Industry Press), Science Press, Higher Education Press, Tsinghua University Publishing Society, Zhejiang Science and Technology Press).He has written more than 70 electrical textbooks for middle and higher vocational colleges in various provinces and cities across the country, among which “Electrical Lighting Construction and Maintenance” won the 2013 Ministry of Education’s secondary vocational education reform and innovation demonstration textbook “Electrical Technology” and “Basics and Skills”, which won the China Electronic Education The first prize of the National Excellent Textbook of Electronic Information in 2011 by the Society, editor-in-chief of “Introduction to Home Appliance Maintenance” and “Electronic Technology Series”, and won the second prize of East China Excellent Science and Technology Books in 1994, 1999 and 2000. “Introduction to Electronic Circuit Diagram Reading” won the 2002 National Excellent Bestseller Award, and “Refrigeration and Refrigeration Equipment Technology” won the first prize for textbooks of China Electronics Education Society. Published several papers.

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