Provide School Emergency Lighting System

According to the Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance Chapter 572, the height of buildings from the ground to the highest floor is more than 30 meters, some fire fighting installations and equipment must be provided or improved as required. Emergency lighting systems should be installed in common areas of the building, such as stairs, passages, and elevator lobbies on all floors. In the event of a fire, such as the failure of the main lighting system, the emergency lighting system will automatically activate to ensure adequate lighting in the fire exits and connected public areas.

In addition, the emergency lighting system should be equipped with a backup emergency power supply. If the building does not have a backup generator, the emergency lighting system must be equipped with rechargeable batteries and provide enough power to maintain the required lighting level for not less than two hours.

The company provides various types of backup lighting equipment, which meet the standard requirements of the independent emergency lighting system of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. Equipped with a backup emergency battery, the lighting can be activated immediately in the event of a power outage.

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