Fire Alarm

Fire alarm is one of the important means to prevent fire. Its role is to generate an alarm when a large amount of smoke causes a fire. The sensitivity of the smoke alarm is based on the geographic location and application environment, so as to achieve the desired effect of the user.

English name – Fire Alarm
Type – Siren
Form – Fire
Practicality – One of the most important means of preventing fire

Sound Alert/Audible Alarm

Choose a suitable installation area. Book two holes in the ceiling or wall according to the holes for the mounting bracket. Press down on both holes to lock both holes. Insert two plastic waist pegs into the two holes and press the back of the mounting bracket against the wall. Insert and tighten the mounting screws until the mounting bracket is firmly seated. This detector is a closed device and cannot be opened. Put the battery in the compartment on the back of the device.

Fire occurs almost simultaneously with the use of fire, and with the development of society, the number of material fire alarms increases can cause more and more harm. In particular, cities have the characteristics of dense buildings, concentrated population, concentrated property, many sources of flammable and explosive products, many points, and wide areas, and there are many hidden dangers of fire and explosion. Once a fire or explosion occurs, casualties will be huge and economic losses will be severe. Therefore, we must pay attention to safety protection. A survey shows that 93% of U.S. households own at least one smoke detector/alarm.The number of homes with smoke alarms has increased in recent years, and the number of deaths from residential fires has almost halved. Smoke from the start of a fire can build up under the indoor ceiling. The smoke detector can monitor and detect the presence of smoke in real time, and periodically detect the environment every 45s or so; the alarm detects discrete light sources, tiny smoke particles and aerosols through the internal intelligent processor. Once smoke is detected, it is immediately driven by the built-in dedicated IC circuit and external piezoelectric transducer so that people can understand the fire situation as soon as possible and put out the fire in the bud.Smoke Detectors Sensitivity: Meets UL’s No. 217 Standard, Factory Tested Value: 3.2% micro ash per foot, sensor responsive. Alarm loudness: The distance is 3m, and the alarm volume is not less than 85dB. It is used in households, warehouses, schools, entertainment venues, toilets in shopping malls and other occasions that refuse to smoke.

Fire Alarm: Smoke Alarm Device: It is one of the important means of fire prevention. Its role is to generate an alarm when a fire is caused by a large amount of smoke. The sensitivity of smoke alarms is based on geographic location and application environment. , the only way to achieve the desired effect of the user. In order to consider the quality and quality requirements of the products, our factory will detect fire alarms in the finished products and strictly check them before shipment to ensure the quality and quality of the products. After passing the requirements, we will provide customers with more reliable and safer products. Product description: ◆ Photoelectric detection method ◆ Ceiling installation ◆ Optical maze ◆ Low-power CMOS microprocessor , Dust-proof, insect-proof, anti-external light interference Product information sensor Optical cavity labyrinth Working voltage 9VDC/12VDC Working current Static current less than 10ua Alarm working current 10-30ma Smoke sensitivity meets ul217 standard test value 3.2% per foot Weak smoke detector response Working environment -10℃~50℃ 10 feet alarm volume 85dB Alarm output Wired networking function: (NO, NC) Wireless networking: 315MHZ/433MHZ (2262 or 1527)

The main function

  • The electrical fire monitoring and alarm function can be connected with the dual bus system of the EI series residual current electrical fire monitoring detectors produced by our company to receive and display fire alarm signals and residual current monitoring information, and issue sound and light alarm signals.
  • The linkage control function can control the trip signal output of the electrical fire monitoring detector, cut off the power cord, or control other related equipment through the linkage panel.
  • The fault detection function can automatically detect the busbar (including short circuit, open circuit, etc.), component fault, power supply fault, etc., can send out sound and light signal fault alarm, and display the fault location, time, total number and fault components through the liquid crystal display. address, type, etc.
  • The muting function can shield each electrical fire monitoring detector.
  • Network communication function, with RS-232 communication interface, can be connected to electrical fire graphic monitoring system or other building automation systems, automatically upload electrical fire alarm information, residual current, temperature and other parameters for centralized monitoring and centralized management.
  • The system test function can record the factory number and address of all detectors, and set the address of the fire alarm according to the factory number.
  • The black box function can automatically store historical records such as monitoring alarms, actions, and faults, as well as linkage operation records, shield records, and switch records. It can save 999 pieces of monitoring alarm information and 100 pieces of other alarm information.
  • The printing function can automatically print the current monitoring alarm information, fault alarm information and linkage action information, and can print the equipment list, etc.
  • In order to prevent unrelated personnel from misoperation, the operation level is restricted by the password, and the password can be set arbitrarily.
  • The main and standby power supply can be automatically switched, and there are corresponding instructions. The backup power supply has under-voltage protection to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive


  • Optical Labyrinth
  • Using a low-power CMOS microprocessor
  • Special moisture-proof design
  • Standalone/Network/Wireless output (optional)
  • With manual test, manual reset function
  • Performance is stable and reliable
  • Single-sided PCB process
  • Using ultra-thin structure design
  • Unique structural design, dust-proof, insect-proof, and anti-interference from external light
Technical parameters ▼ Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Technical Parameters

  • Alarm concentration: 0.65~15.5%FT
  • Working temperature: 10~90%
  • Power: 12VDC/9VDC
  • Signal output: normally open/normally closed
  • Installation: Ceiling
  • Shell: Flame Retardant Resin
  • Product size: diameter 105mm thickness 32mm