Fire Hose

Also known as a self-rescue reel. The fire hose equipment is a small-diameter self-rescue fire hydrant with a diameter of 25mm. It can be used by service personnel, staff and general personnel in shopping malls, hotels, warehouses and high and low-rise public buildings to put out the initial fire.

English name – Fire Hose
Foreign name – Fire Hose
Alias ​​- Self-rescue cord reel
Definition – Primary Fire Extinguishing
Bolt Diameter – 25mm
Water pipe nozzle – Diameter should not be less than 6mm


Depending on the setup, there are two types of fire hose equipment: fire hose reel and self-rescue small-bore hydrant equipment, which can be installed in Fire risers or production and domestic water supply pipes. The fire hose reel is a kind of indoor fixed fire fighting equipment, which consists of a small-caliber fire hydrant, a water-conveying winding hose, and a small-caliber water gun. Compared with indoor fire hydrant equipment, it has the advantages of simple operation and flexibility. Therefore, it can be installed in shopping malls, warehouses and large theaters. Self-rescue small-bore hydrant equipment by fire reels and SN series Indoor fire hydrant is a new type of fire fighting equipment. Hotels, office buildings, factories, warehouses, etc. with air-conditioning systems should be equipped with self-rescue small-caliber fire hydrant equipment to rescue buildings in a timely and effective manner initial fires

Add fire hose

Buildings that meet the following conditions should be equipped with fire hoses.
  1. Civil buildings with more than 5 floors or more than 10,000 m³, such as workshops, warehouses, scientific research buildings, comprehensive buildings, and important office buildings.
  2. Main and Class A theaters, 800+ seat theaters, movie theaters, etc., and 1200+ seat auditoriums and gymnasiums.
  3. Densely populated public buildings (except gymnasiums, theaters, auditoriums, etc.), cooking operation rooms in the catering industry, etc. (lightweight fire hoses can also be installed).
  4. High-end hotels, important office buildings, first-class high-rise commercial buildings, exhibition halls, complex buildings, etc., as well as other high-rise civil buildings with a building height of more than 100m.

Set of Requirements

  1. In order to put out the fire within 10 minutes before the firefighters arrive, some buildings, such as hotels and office buildings with air-conditioning systems, use the original fire hydrants in addition to the self-rescue small-caliber DC water gun fire hydrant equipment.
  2. The diameter of the bolt opening of the fire hose equipment should be 25mm, the inner diameter of the tape should not be less than 19mm, the length should not exceed 40m, and the diameter of the hose nozzle should not be less than 6mm.
  3. Fire hoses in hotels, office buildings, commercial buildings, complex buildings, etc. should be installed in the aisles, the layout should ensure that the jet can reach any part of the room, and the installation height should be easy to access.
  4. Fire hoses in theaters and synagogue domes should be installed at the entrance to the horse path for staff use.
  5. The fire hose can be installed in the hydrant box or separately.