Fire Installation

The main contents of the fire protection installation project: automatic fire alarm and linkage system, fire water supply and indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system, automatic sprinkler system, gas fire extinguishing system, smoke control ventilation and air conditioning system, fire shutter, smoke blocking wall and fire door.

English name – Fire Installation Project
Construction Stage – Sprinkler Installation, Alarm Valve Block Installation
Function – Automatic Fire Alarm
Features – Network System

The main contents of automatic fire alarm and linkage system: fire detectors and interface components, alarm buttons, field modules and indicating components, fire alarm controllers and fire alarm displays, DC uninterruptible power supplies, gas fire extinguishing control systems, fire telephone systems, fire emergency Broadcasting system, graphic display system, network system.

The following are the necessary construction procedures for fire protection installation projects.
  1. Installation preparation and material requirements :
    1. Before the construction of the fire protection project, Party A must assist to conduct a design review of the fire protection facilities, and the construction shall not be carried out without the design review or if the design review is unqualified.
    2. Before the construction of the project, relevant materials must be reported to the fire department, and a fire construction permit must be obtained.
    3. The selected materials must be registered with the fire department and have a sales license issued by the fire department.
  2. Fire engineering construction stage :
    1. Nozzle installation, alarm valve group installation, fire hydrant box installation and other components installation
  3. Fire system commissioning and acceptance